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Afghan soldiers battle to free Kunduz from Taliban

Stars and Stripes - Oct. 20, 2015


Government troops spent two weeks going from house to house trying to dislodge Taliban fighters who had captured the city on Sept. 28, 2015, in the group's biggest victory since 2001. As soldiers closed in on the final pockets of resistance, the fighting sometimes escalated into sustained firefights.


I was there to chronicle the last days of desperate fighting.

The beasts of Kabul: Inside the Afghan Army's Soviet tanks

Stars and Stripes - July 20, 2014


Once a common fixture of the Soviet invasion and, later, the civil war between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance, tanks are now only rarely used in today’s unconventional war in Afghanistan.


But from a base on the outskirts of the capital city of Kabul, a few hundred Afghan soldiers still ride rusting museum pieces into battle against the Taliban.

Life on the Afghan campaign trail

Stars and Stripes - April 3 2014


As Afghanistan's presidential election entered its final week, fears of violence and concerns over corruption didn't stop many Afghans from reveling in what they expected would be the country's first peaceful, democratic transfer of power. I followed along as candidates crisscrossed the country, drumming up last minute support.

Flying with the Afghan Air Force

Stars and Stripes - July 13, 2013


Special operations commandos are among the elite of the Afghan national security units, but joint air operations are relatively new for them and the Afghan aircrews. Some Afghan units already have conducted air assault missions, NATO advisers say, but with the air force still developing, such operations have not been widespread.


As coalition troops depart, the ability of the nascent Afghan air force to insert infantrymen quickly into combat and support them in ground operations is becoming a critical element of the government’s ability to fight the insurgency.


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